8 CHEAP Dirt Bike Gift Ideas that You Can AFFORD

You need a dirt bike gift, and fast!

It is birthday or holiday season, what dirt bike gift should you get for your friend or loved one?

If you found this article, chance are you have someone in your life that loves dirt bikes and you don’t know what to get them for their birthday, holidays, or other occasion.  To help you out, I created a list of 8 Dirt Bike Gifts that won’t break the bank.  Most of these gifts can be purchase cheaply, ranging from 10 dollars to under 100 dollars.  

These are in no particular order, just take a look and see what you think that the lucky person would like.

Gloves make a Great Gift

Gloves make for great gifts!  When they (you’re gift recipient) are out riding, a set of gloves is essential to make sure they don’t get hurt.  Also, dirt bike gloves help them maintain control of your motorcycle by keeping sweat off the controls.  Lucky for you, gloves are also relatively inexpensive.  Gloves wear out regularly, so an avid dirt bike rider can always use another set. 

Here are three that you can grab from Amazon. 

Fox Racing Dirtpaw
Seibertron Dirtpaw
Ozero Motocross Gloves

Everyone wants new Grips!

Grips make great stocking stuffers, or secret Santa presents.  They won’t break the bank, and like gloves they need to be replaced from time to time.  Replacing them is also a mini project, so it will give your recipient something to do one evening.  There is absolutely no way I would be disappointed with a set of new grips! 

Grips come in a ton of different colors.  If you don’t know exactly what color to get, just get the color that goes along with their bike make and most of the time they will match.  Here are the colors that go with bike makes:

  • KTM – Orange
  • Yamaha – Blue
  • Kawasaki – Green
  • Honda – Red
  • Suzuki – Yellow
  • Husqvarna – Grey

Grab a set from one of the options below and you will not disappoint!

ProTaper Pillowtop Grips
Renthal G091 Black
Odi Emig V2 Lockon Grips

Socks? Not as lame as it sounds!

I know, I know, socks sound like a terrible present.  But they really aren’t if you love riding dirt bikes.  Dirt Bike boots are often not the most comfortable thing to wear.  Regular tennis shoe socks are either not thick enough, not tall enough, or don’t wick sweat away well enough.  Giving your friend or family a pair of dirt bike specific socks will show that you put some thought into their comfort.

Since socks don’t show when you are riding, color doesn’t really matter.  Take a look at some of the dirt bike socks available from Amazon below to help you get started.

O’Neal Pro MX Socks
Alpinestars Pro Coolmax Socks
EVS Sports Fusion Socks/Sleeve Combo

Stop the LEAN!

A dirt bike stand is something that every dirt bike owner needs.  Whether it is to store the bike out of the way for during the winter months, perform routine maintenance, or completely overhaul the bike, a dirt bike stand is the foundation to making that easier. 

Obviously each dirt bike only needs one stand.  So, it is up to you to figure out whether or not your recipient has a dirt bike stand already.  You might want to ask their family, or swing by their house and take a look at their garage.  If their bike is just leaned up against a wall, it is a dead giveaway that they need a dirt bike stand.  A 5 gallon bucket turned upside down with a bike sitting on top of it is another give away.

Often times when starting dirt biking, there is a significant cash outlay, and as riders we try and cut corners to save a little money.  One of the places this happens is with “convenience” items like a dirt bike stand.

Stands come in all sorts of varieties, just get a basic stand like the one show below from Amazon.

Pit Posse Aluminum Dirt Bike Stand

Bling Makes a Great Dirt Bike Gift

A little bling on a bike never hurt anyone.  Things like anodized oil filers or brake reservoir caps are relatively inexpensive and add a nice bit of pop.  This is going to be a little trickier for you because you will need to do some investigative work to figure out what type of dirt bike your gift recipient rides.  Just ask them, but come up with an excuse to walk away because chances are good they will talk your ear off about dirt bikes once you get them started.

Here are some options from Amazon.

Tusk Billet Aluminum Engine Plug Kit
Outlaw Racing Engine Plug Kit

Jerseys are cool

All dirt bike riders could use another jersey.  Jerseys are the flashy shirts that dirt bike riders are allowed to wear without people making fun of them.  There are all sorts of designs and price points, but you should be able to get a nice jersey for a reasonable price.  Fox, Shift, Thor, and Shot are good brands to look at.

As you ride throughout the day, jerseys get wet or dirty, so it is nice to have a clean one to put on during a break.  If you know your recipient races, he or she likely has a number, so an extra bonus would be to get the number printed onto the Jersey!

Here are a couple of jerseys to get you started.

O’Neal Mayhem Crank Jersey
Fox Racing 2019 180 Przm
Troy Lee Designs SE Racewear

The Gift of Goggles

A nice set of Goggles goes a long way.  Brands like 100% and Scott make great goggles.  Each of these brands has a wide variety of colors and price points.  If I were you, I would look for a good set on the lower end of the spectrum price wise. 

Some features to look for are anti-fogging and removable nose ridges.  These will allow for maximum comfort for the rider.  Features that are not quite as important, especially if you are talking about your average rider, are tear offs or roll off covers.  These are disposable covers that can be torn off during a race to clear up the riders vision.  Think about them as windshield wipers for goggles.

There are a ton of options out there, and like Jerseys they come in a ton of different colors.  Don’t be afraid to go crazy with the colors because they are an apparel item and looking ridiculous with wild colors is of no concern in the dirt bike world.

100% STRATA Goggles
Scott Sports Recoil Goggles
Fox Racing 2019 Race Goggles

Casual Shirts

If all else fails, branded casual shirts are always a great option.  Most major dirt bike gear manufacturers have a line of branded casual t-shirts with their logo on them.  Examples are Fox, Alpinestars, Thor, Troy Lee Designs, etc.  These shirts can be worn around the house or around town and let other riders know that your recipient rides.  Plus, who doesn’t want a new t-shirt?

Here are some ideas for you, again easily purchased on Amazon.

Fox Racing Airline Shirt
Alpinestars Ageless Shirt
100% Classic Shirt

Wrapping Up

So that it.  You now have 8 solid ideas for gifts to give to a dirt bike rider without breaking the bank!  Be the start of the show by getting one of these and you will not disappoint!