Atlas Air Neck Brace In Depth Review


Atlas Air Neck Brace


The Atlas Air Neck Brace for 2019 offers safety features found in most high-end motocross neck braces as well as innovated design features we haven’t seen anywhere else

Fit / Comfort

This neck brace is the lightest currently on the market.  Its low profile makes it where the rider doesn’t even notice its on


Priced comparably to other neck braces in the premium category, which is relatively expensive

Summary: The Atlas Air Neck Brace from Atlas is a high quality neck brace designed with the rider in mind providing the markets highest level of comfort.

What We Liked...

What We Didn't Like...

Whether or not you wear a neck brace when riding your dirt bike is a personal decision.  I personally do wear one because I feel I have too much to lose to not wear one.  They take some getting used to, but once you do, you hardly notice they are on.

If you are reading this in-depth review, I am going to assume that you are in the market for a neck brace.  There are a few major players in the neck brace industry, and Atlas is one of them.  The Atlas Air is their flagship neck brace and is worn by racers like Ryan Villapoto, Martin Davalos, and Chase Sexton.

Their audience is not constrained to dirt bike riders either.  Their products are used by snow mobile riders, BMX riders, and in other sports where there is a high likelihood of injury.

So lets jump in and take a look at the Atlas Air Neck Brace for 2019.

Atlas - About the Company

Atlas is a company that started in 2009, so it is relatively new on the scene when compared to companies like EVS, Alpinestars, and Leatt.  The founders of the company grew up around motocross and supercross and decided to take their passion to develop products.  Their product offering is limited to protection items, such as neck braces and chest protectors.  This is not a bad thing.  The folks at Atlas are laser focused on providing the absolute best for their customers.  Their lead product developer is a former racer and knows what racers need.


The Atlas Air neck brace is packed with features that you will find on most high performance neck braces, as well as some that are unique to it.

To start with, the Atlas Air is insanely lightweight at 580 grams (1.3 pounds).  But don’t let that fool you into thinking it is a sub standard product.

To achieve the lightest weight on the market, Atlas designers have put significant thought into making the Atlas with a minimalist design.  In addition to getting rid of the added bloat, they utilize a flexible polymer construction which is not only light weight, but the flex helps slow down and redistribute the forces during an impact.     

Possibly the most innovative part of the Atlas Air design is the split flex frame.  Essentially, this allows for more movement and flexibility by having each side of the spine support move independently of one another.  This can be seen looking at the spine design.  Unlike other neck braces, each side of the spine support is not connected.

Finally, the Atlas Air boasts a 27% increase in contact with the body, making for a solid foundation for your helmet.

What's in the box?

The Atlas Air neck brace comes with everything you need in the box.  It includes replacement pads for different fit, instructions, and a harness.  Some users report that this harness is not super comfortable, however it can be worn under the jersey, so it could be that the users are wearing it directly against their skin causing hot spots.

atlas air neck brace box

What We Like

The Atlas Air Neck Brace is the lightest and lowest profile neck brace on the market.  It is almost like you aren’t wearing one.  The innovative design allows for maximum flexibility and range of motion, while still keeping you safe.  Instead of feeling like you are unable to look up when exiting a turn, the Atlas Air just does not get in the way like many other neck braces.

We love seeing innovations like what Atlas has come up with in the Atlas Air.  The more comfortable a manufacturer can make a neck brace, the less of an objection people will have to wearing them.  We think this is a great thing!

What We Don't Like

The Atlas Air is a great neck brace, so what we didn’t like is getting nit picky.  The main thing is the harness is not great.  Other harnesses can likely be used to hold the neck brace in place, but some users were fine without the harness. 

The second thing is that it is relatively expensive.  All neck braces in this category are going to be expensive, but this is at the higher end.  You pay for quality, so buy once, cry once.

Overall Impressions

The Atlas Air is a great neck brace.  We highly recommend it.  If you are in the market for a neck brace, but are unsure about a neck brace getting in the way of your riding, then definitely give this a hard look.  Or, if you have an older neck brace, or a neck roll, this will be a step up for you in both protection and comfort.  You really cannot go wrong with this neck brace.

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