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At Dirt Bike Gear Guide we provide you with the latest reviews for dirt bike and motocross protection gear, parts, and accessories.  Need a gift?  Visit our Gift Guide section.  Just looking for your next purchase?  Make sure you make an informed decision based on unbiased reviews.  Check out our How To guides and Articles to help you in your next dirt bike project!

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In the dirt bike and motocross world, there is a ton of information and product reviews.  Our goal is to do the research, filter through the reviews, and provide you with a well rounded view of the piece of gear that you are interested in and help you make a decision on which item best meets your needs.  With so many options out there for a particular type of product, it is nice to have all the information reviewing and comparing the top products in one place.


About Us

Dirt Bike Gear Guide was created to help our users make sense of the vast array of gear, parts, tools, and accessories for riding and maintaining dirt bikes. We are passionate about Dirt Bikes and realized that we were going multiple places before actually making a purchase just because all of the relevant information was not in one spot. Thus, Dirt Bike Gear Guide was born.